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Laid out on the table!
"The Daughters" paintings in progress
Moroccan Tea
Collage and Paint in Progress
Green Butterfly
Worktable with Carnival Painting
Scrapbook... lanterns
Scrapbook ...Paris
Pink Macaroons
Butterfly Costume
Blossom bird
Vanilla Tea
Carnival Paint palette
Work Table
Mermaids and Moulin Rouge
On my desk... in june 2011
On my desk ... june 2011
Pink Bird
My Vintage Button Angel
Guest and art room
"Garden Gates" above the couch
My Bookshelf
There's a forest in my painting cup!
Curly Bed
the Boys room
Studio august 2011 big canvas
Art Studio Desk august 2011
Paint tubes
Palette August 2011
ART Studio bookshelf august 2011
My desk shae leviston dec 2011
Angel in the studio 3
Angel in the studio 2
Angel in the studio
Wonderjournal shae leviston 2012
Sweetthings journal shae leviston2012
Cometrue journal shae leviston2012
Infinite journal shaeleviston2012
Spectacular shae leviston 2012
True artjournal shaeleviston2012
Littlewonder shaeleviston2012
Shine journal shaeleviston2012